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Vision, Mission and Philosophy

Aszkenazy Development, Inc. was established with a singular vision: to create developments that make a noticeable, positive difference in the communities in which they are implemented.

For almost 20 years, Aszkenazy Development has been working to revitalize historic cities from under-utilized micro-economies, into healthy, viable economies rich in commerce and opportunity for its residents. Utilizing this model, Aszkenazy has been consistent in establishing credit-worthy tenants, generating economic sustainability and revitalizing mature communities while reinforcing the community’s cultural roots.

The Aszkenazy commitment is unrivaled. Aszkenazy takes a hands-on approach to building quality and authenticity into every project. Implementing high quality design, strategic financing, and extensive market knowledge with a commitment to careful community planning has positioned Aszkenazy as one of the most trusted and enviably successful community developers in California.


Aszkenazy: Beyond the Property Line

Aszkenazy Developments’ mission is to consistently deliver on three basic principles of success: quality, safety and timeliness.

Aszkenazy’s commitment to its mission stems from the company’s rich history. Placing community and culture first, Aszkenazy recognizes the need to establish and recreate quality and design integrity in mature communities.

Aszkenazy possesses an ability to translate pride and history in each project, creating residential, commercial and retail in-fill that is organic to its environment attracting quality tenants, while also improving the availability of goods and services to area residents.

Aszkenazy works tirelessly to implement these tangible results for each project to create economically viable communities in which the firm’s positive impact extends far beyond the property line of its own developments.

Aszkenazy has a proven track record of going the extra mile to provide tenants with a place that they can be proud to do business in and the creation of genuine community gathering places within its developments. This enables local economies to thrive, while reintroducing the beauty and viability for which the community was initially known for.

Aszkenazy stands for quality, community unity, pride and prosperity for tenants and residents.


Aszkenazy’s commitment to community is evidenced by the projects it develops which support local entrepreneurialism, new business development, cultural appreciation and community pride.

The Aszkenazy Development team is closely tied to the communities it inhabits. From employing people who can walk or ride bikes to its headquarters, to serving as the major underwriter for community events, Aszkenazy maintains intimate market knowledge, creates jobs locally, delivers a growing array of needed goods and services to residents and tenants and provides gathering places that are safe, healthy, and environmentally sound.

The Aszkenazy name is synonymous with quality. The Aszkenazy team selectively takes on new projects to ensure the principles of success are properly implemented into each development and that each project possesses the keen eye of the company experts. To maintain these tough standards, Aszkenazy does not take on projects that would require outsourcing key roles, such as development, project management, or property management oversight, as the firm refuses to weaken its vision or mission.


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