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Aszkenazy Development Inc. offers design-build services, providing both the design and construction aspects of the project. This can minimize project risk and reduce the delivery schedule by joining the phases of the development without sacrificing the quality and outcome. By knowledgably pursuing design and quality, and by effectively controlling costs and schedule, ADI makes certain that the entire design-build process and finished project stand up to standards that far surpass the expected.

ADI’s in-house design-build process is very extensive and detailed. It is not merely about constructing a building on a piece of vacant land. Rather, the surrounding community is profiled, local needs are taken into account, and the neighborhood fabric is considered. Designs are sensitive to the historic fabric of the community by restoring and repairing any existing architecturally significant facades. They are also designed to provide quality job opportunities and services, be as eco-friendly as possible, create a sense of community and give local business owners the chance to work close to home in a quality environment.

Aszkenazy Development Inc. offers design-build services on affordable housing, office, retail, institutional and historic rehabilitation projects.



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