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Project Address:

1030 Celis Street (FAMSA)
32,000 square-foot building is home to the first U.S. FAMSA store and originally housed the Sears & Robuck Catalogue Store

Property Overview
In 1999, Aszkenazy Development Inc. purchased a 32,000 square-foot historic 1949 Sears Robuck Catalogue Store building, which remained vacant and blighted for over 5 years following the Northridge earthquake. The deteriorating building received a much needed revitalization, including extensive seismic stabilization and an important restoration to the building façade to its original mid-century design.

Recognizing the need for San Fernando residents to have local access to hard goods such as appliances, furniture and electronics, Aszkenazy purchased the building to create a facility for FAMSA, a leading Mexican furniture store and electronic retailer with over 300 stores in Mexico and over 39 stores in the U.S.

FAMSA now operates 15 stores across the nation.

Community Benefits
The San Fernando store employs 40 people and is currently one of the most successful stores in the U.S. The redevelopment and revitalization of 1030 Celis not only provided more jobs and access to hard goods for people of San Fernando and the surrounding communities, but it also serves as a shining example of Aszkenazy’s commitment to create developments that fit into the local landscape. The property speaks to the unique history and background of the community, while providing a service that was previously unavailable to residents within San Fernando.


Project Address:

601 S. Brand Boulevard (The Sun Building)
17,000 square foot professional office building

Property Overview
The Sun Building, located at 601 South Brand Boulevard, is a 17,000 square-foot professional office building that was in great need of rehabilitation. In its previous condition, the building was 70 percent vacant and a blight to the neighborhood. Aszkenazy purchased and remodeled the building, which is now fully occupied, providing more services for the community and creating 20 times more jobs than previously available.

The remodeling of The Sun Building afforded the opportunity for more professional companies to relocate to the City of San Fernando, bringing area residents additional services including legal, medical and insurance.

The Sun Building is he headquarters for the local, award-winning, bilingual newspaper that was established in San Fernando in 1904.

The Sun Building, located in Downtown San Fernando, also houses the main offices for Aszkenazy Development Inc. The property is less than five minutes away from all of Aszkenazy Development’s San Fernando commercial and residential properties. This allows the development and property management teams to be as hands-on as possible when dealing with tenants or developing new projects.

Community Benefits
Aside from turning a blighted building into a location where businesses can grow and advance their missions, the Sun Building has brought in needed services and more than 100 employment opportunities to the community.

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