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Project Address:

217 N. Maclay Avenue (Library Plaza)
20,000 square-foot retail and community benefit development featuring the San Fernando Branch of the Los Angeles County Library. The property also provides 10,000 square feet of independent neighborhood retailers and services.

Property Overview
On a site left vacant as a result of the 1994 Northridge earthquake, Aszkenazy Development Inc. envisioned a perfect setting for a public library and community gathering place. Aszkenazy assembled the parcels and proposed a redevelopment project with a new library building as the anchor. Aszkenazy’s research determined that the current library facility was undersized and obsolete.

To incentivize the County, Aszkenazy proposed a turn-key build out of the library in addition to offering below market rent for the first five years.  This allowed the library to establish itself in Library Plaza within its limited economic means while still doubling the floor area in order to properly serve the community. 

Library Plaza has become a model for redevelopment, showcasing sustainable retail and the establishment of community gathering places. It has been featured by many industry associations, including the American Planning Association and the American Institute of Architects.

Library Plaza is the most popular center in the city of San Fernando. The Plaza was able to attract six new retail businesses to the area, in addition to providing space for three established local business owners to relocate. Library Plaza is evidence of Aszkenazy’s commitment to creating genuine gathering places for the community. Library Plaza has become a major center for business meetings, community events and interaction between local residents and visitors such as the court employees and jurors visiting the adjacent office of The Los Angeles County Superior Court North Valley.

Tenants include La Casita, a local award-winning restaurant; United Parcel Service; House of Brews, a popular coffeehouse; Cupid’s Hot Dogs, a historic local hot dog chain established in 1946; Champions Only Barbershop, a classic local barbershop; San Fernando Florist, established in 1927; Fidelity Communications, a telecommunications service provider; Nobel Tech, a television cable and satellite provider; Papa John’s Pizza, a national traditional pizza restaurant chain.

Community Benefits
The City of San Fernando and its residents have greatly benefited from the services located within Library Plaza. Local organizations are able to use the courtyard and eateries for meetings and gatherings and local business owners are able to work close to home. For the youth of San Fernando, Library Plaza also provides a safe and inspiring place to study, socialize and work. Local schools are able to utilize services provided by the County of Los Angeles Public Library such as tutoring, research assistance and reading groups.

Library Plaza has not only contributed to the city of San Fernando by eliminating blight, but also through stimulated investment. The center has provided much needed services, as well as creating jobs and a safe and comfortable gathering place for residents. The development also contributes significantly to the local economy of San Fernando. Each year, the city receives more than $20,000 in property taxes from Library Plaza. Library Plaza also houses more than 60 employees, many of whom are residents of the city of San Fernando or immediate surrounding areas. 53% of the employees are between the ages of 17 and 25. 40% utilize alternative means of transportation, walk, bike or take public transit to work, which only further supports Aszkenazy’s philosophy of creating a ‘green’ and environmentally friendly development.


Project Address:

1245 San Fernando Road (San Fernando Station)
18,000 square-foot mixed-use Retail Development

Property Overview
Phase I of the San Fernando Station, located at 1240 Truman, is an 18,000 square- foot development in the Mixed Use Transition Sub-district of the Truman/San Fernando District. Phase I of the project was completed in 2005. Phase II, which will provide an additional 20,000 square feet of mixed-use, is currently in the design stage of development. San Fernando Station’s theme pays tribute to San Fernando’s rich history as a transportation center with its close proximity to the railroad and its location on the historic Route 99. What was once a deteriorating, under-utilized property has now become the anchor project for the entire neighborhood’s revitalization.

Community Benefits
The courtyard at San Fernando Station has become a local favorite for events, fundraisers and a place to gather and relax. The courtyard provides comfortable seating during the weekday lunch hour for local residents and employees. On warm summer evenings, local musicians and artists come to the San Fernando Station to showcase their talents for a crowd of local residents by the fireside. Local schools, sports leagues and organizations regularly use the parking lot at the San Fernando Station for fundraisers, such as car washes, meetings and other celebrations.

In addition to the social benefits, the San Fernando Station houses more than 30 employees, 30 percent of which live in San Fernando or the surrounding areas. The VEDC (Valley Economic Development Center) Learning Center, located at the San Fernando Station, offers pre-employment assistance and computer courses to the local community. This allows people to gain some of the essential skills needed to succeed in today’s workforce.

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