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Commercial Office Success Story

Project Address:

451 S. Brand Boulevard
16,000 square-foot office building anchored by a global medical service provider, with second floor loft-style office units

Property Overview
451 South Brand was built on land that had been vacant for many years in the downtown San Fernando area as a result of the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Aszkenazy Development Inc. purchased the parcels, designed and built a 16,000 square-foot professional building with second floor loft-style offices.

Aszkenazy was successful in its efforts to bring in much need medical services to cater to the local community including a dialysis center. In addition to the important medical services provided, the medical providers are open on weekends, making it possible for the working families of San Fernando to utilize and benefit from these services.

Community Benefits
The purchase and development of this previously vacant land yielded significant social and economic benefits for the City of San Fernando. Previously, the residents of San Fernando did not have adequate access to essential medical services. With a population experiencing a high rate of diabetes and kidney disease, residents did not have local access to treatment or dialysis services. Now, the location is home to a variety of medical services including a much needed dialysis center, an acupuncturist, a chiropractor and dentist who offer flexible hours to accommodate area residents unable to make appointments during normal business hours.

The development now provides an array of important services to residents, meeting a variety of community needs that were previously un-met. This is evidenced by the fact that 75 percent of the clientele that utilizes the services available at 451 South Brand are San Fernando residents.

In addition to bringing in much needed medical services to San Fernando, 451 South Brand also opened doors for entrepreneurial ventures adding value to the community. One such venture is Alas Media. Formed by a group of local individuals affiliated with the San Fernando Education Technology Team at San Fernando High School, the company is dedicated to helping city residents and others tell their own cultural, family and current life story through image, sound, design and experience.
The property creates a sense of community for both tenants and residents, allowing business owners and their employees to work close to home. Sixty-five percent of the individuals employed at the development live within two miles of the building.

451 South Brand Blvd. is anchored by a global medical service provider.
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