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The property management division of Aszkenazy Development Inc. prides itself on providing an efficient and timely response to tenant needs.

ADI holds its properties to a higher standard than local competitors and land owners. The company works tirelessly to ensure that tenants and their clients have a clean and comfortable place to do business and live, as well as enjoy leisure activities. Aszkenazy is also dedicated to ensuring that all residential tenants have only the highest quality living environments.

Aszkenazy’s Property Management provides a 24-hour service line that allows tenants to call in work orders at their convenience. All work orders are generated through on PDA’s and emergency requests can be relayed with a less than five minute response. All of ADI’s properties are located within biking or driving distance, allowing the management team to carefully monitor the buildings to guarantee the highest quality work and living environments.

Quality property management is an important service provided by Aszkenazy Development. The company manages its properties using a hands-on approach as owners who consider commercial business tenants as partners and residents as neighbors. The company possesses genuine care for its tenants and works to get to know them on a first name basis. Members of the Aszkenazy team frequently visit all properties, not only to monitor their developments and forge relationships with tenants, but also as consumers to utilize the services provided within their commercial developments.

The Aszkenazy team utilizes electric vehicles and bicycles to travel to and from properties, making every effort to reduce its carbon footprint within the community the team lives and works.

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Lupe Fairman
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